Earn Scholarships
Many young women pay for their college education with Miss Florida Citrus and Miss Winter Haven Pageant, and Miss Florida Scholarships.

Make a Difference
Our program provides a forum for raising awareness and affecting change for social issues that are important to you.

Gain Experience
Whatever your career or academic goals, the skills you'll acquire through the Miss America Organization will help ready you for real world challenges.

Create Opportunities
Showcase your talents, be recognized for your knowledge, abilities, and meet influential people.
What Is Expected of a Contestant?

Consistent with the job responsibilities and the Miss America philosophy, women are being sought with the best composite of the following qualities and attributes of Miss America.


  • Role model who cares about her role and other women's roles in society

  • Physically conscientious women with a confident and commanding presence

  • An ambassador and public relations representative of the Miss America Organization and the Florida Citrus Industry.

  • Considered both talented and intelligent

  • An activist on issues she deems important

  • Independent and eloquent communicator with the courage of her convictions

  • An accomplished individual whose diversity represents a composite of the "Best of Modern Women."

  • A leader by virtue of her experiences

  • One who takes personal pride in physical fitness and health










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